Cindy’s Status as Mother Appealed

Hello Everyone, I thought you all would like another update. My visits with my babies are the highlights of my week.  They are such sweet darlings and so very precious.  They are getting bigger and stronger every day.  My son is over 18 lbs now and my daughter is just under 18 lbs.  They were … Read more

Court Issues Temporary Orders

Everyone, I apologize, again, for the late update, but as you will hear in my upcoming paragraphs, there‚Äôs a good reason. First, though, I know many of you are anxious to hear what happened in court. This last hearing was to determine temporary custody orders. (Permanent orders will be issued at a later trial, probably … Read more


Specifically, the court “FINDS that Cindy Close is the mother of the children as a matter of law and GRANTS Cindy Close’s motion for partial summary judgment on Marvin McMurrey, III’s claim against her that she is not the mother of these children.” There is also an “Order on Cindy’s Close’s No-Evidence Motion for Summary … Read more