While Court Case Drags On, Cindy’s Babies Without Her Milk

Cindy Close has had to put her breastmilk in storage
Marvin McMurrey filed suit against Cindy Close, alleging her a surrogate. He and his partner care for the children, but Cindy has shared that his partner refuses her breast milk for the babies. Pictured here are some of the milk supply that Cindy has in storage awaiting her children’s return.

Everyone, Cindy could use some advice. As many of you know, Cindy has testified that Phong has refused to give the babies her breast milk and has refused it repeatedly. She has shared that she is continuing to pump her breast milk because she believes it is what is best for them – and also because that’s what the judge ordered – but with Phong refusing to give it to them, it’s in storage for now.

So here’s the question. What’s the best, most affordable way to freeze her milk? Currently she is using the storage containers the hospital provided her, but she ran out last night.

She is using the Avent feeding system, but those plastic containers seem really expensive, especially in light of the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight and there could be quite a bit of milk stored up before she gets her babies back.

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