It’s Your Friends That Get You Through

Wristband from a visitor of Cindy Close's present at the birth of her twins

There’s not been a lot to report for the past couple of days, and while I know we’re all grateful for some peace, I for one, am frustrated at glacially slow pace of justice.

Part of that may be that while cleaning yesterday, I found the hospital bracelet from the night the twins were born. It was, of course, a kick in the gut. And that got me to thinking, if it’s that bad for me, imagine how bad it must be for Cindy going home to an empty apartment that’s dominated by empty cribs and unused baby supplies.

Fortunately, she has an active network of friends, like Debbie, who had her over for dinner last Sunday night and sent her home with lots of homemade meals. (Thanks Debbie!) Of course, there’s Dara and Kim, April, Tanya, Belinda, Marilyn, new friend Toni, and everyone that has called, emailed, and texted her with messages of support.  What’s really incredible to us all, though, is the astonishing amount of support she’s getting here from the Facebook page, Give Cindy Back Her Babies, and the Change. org petition. As of this writing, the Facebook page has 2,182 likes and the petition has 1,133 signatures! I’ve watched her read the messages, and she’s truly moved by them.

She has said on more than one occassion that it is her friends who have lifted her spirits and given her the strength to soldier on for another day. And I have said on more than one occassion that she must be a pretty special person to inspire such friendship from so many. So thanks to all of you for your friendship, your activism, and your support. It means everything.


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