Washday Blues

Today was wash day in my house, and since I like to joke that I’m Cindy’s official laundress, I guess it was only right that I ended up doing laundry for the babies today, too.

This morning Cindy called me to tell me that all of the clothes that we had painstakingly washed, folded and put away for twins were now too small for them. Since she was at work, I volunteered to go through the clothes and sort out the ones that were now too small, and to wash , fold and put away clothes in the next biggest size.

This was ¬†the first batch of clothes that I culled. Some of them still have the tags on them. (Obviously those outfits hadn’t been put in with the washed and folded clothes yet.) With the exception of several preemie onsies, the babies never even had a chance to wear any of these outfits. I pray that they will be back with Cindy before they outgrow this batch, too.




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